encrypt messages and documents

The most simple open-source encrypted messaging API.
Seamless, secure, and fast.

The features you need to keep information private

Create unlimited channels

Whenever you’ve got a new subject, create a dedicated channel and invite the people you want to share it with.

Encrypt messages & documents

Share private information safely with end-to-end encryption for state-of the-art internet security. 

Invite people from outside your organisation 

Share a link by email, sms, whatsapp, or from your work tools to invite clients to join dedicated private encrypted channel…

Manage access rights and lifetimes 

Define with ease who can access a channel and for how long. Avoid private messages and documents to be forgotten in random mailboxes, chats or folders.

Review activity logs

Check who did what in your channels to follow the progress status and keep an activity history when compliance requires it.

Clean your tracks

Revoke all access, erase encryption keys, delete messages and documents forever when the channel’s topic is completed.

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