The most simple user account for privacy.BETA

Misakey is the user account solution for people and applications who
value privacy and simplicity. And it’s open source.

🤩 Super easy to use: even your grandma 👵🏻 and your grandpa 👴🏾 can use it

🕊 Designed to keep as much information confidential as possible 🙈

💬 Lets start encrypting communications 🔐 with anyone.

📱 Integrates in 5 minutes ⏱ to an application by a developer ⚡️

The functionality for an uncompromising
user account


Encrypted notifications

User can receive encrypted notifications


OpenID connect

Standard authentication for user accounts in 2020

Portable by design

User can reuse their account data as they see fit

GDPR compliant

User consents are saved and updated during connexion

Made in europe

User data are protected from the US cloud act or governments backdoors

Secured support

User can start encrypted

Thought for developpers

Javascript SDK included for easy integration with you apps

js.sdk codeMore on Github

About the company

Whether you are a company or a user, creating and securing user accounts is a painful task. 😅
The most absurd is that every application creates its own system and user repeats the same steps for every services.

We are building the most simple user account to connect over the internet when privacy matter.
Our code is open source for anyone to audit or use.

Our mission is to empower ⚡ leaders, developers, entrepreneurs, activists, politicians, administrators, or anyone who wants to build safe spaces 🕊 over the internet.

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