Professional instant messaging

Share private spaces with your clients

Access your private space - It's free!

Encryption for your confidential
documents and discussions

Protect your clients' data
Keep the business secure

Share confidentially from your browser

  • Mobile and Desktop access without yet another app.
  • End-to-end encryption for documents and discussions.
  • State-of-the art authentication for your clients and yourself.

Invite any of your clients without requirements

  • No account needed, access with a secure link.
  • No app installation to view documents in one click.
  • Direct invitations to start real-time discussions.

Organize your encrypted workspace to fit your activity

  • Unlimited folders to group discussions and documents.
  • Smart notifications according to your preferences.
  • Any document format can be sent to your clients.

Protect your clients' data over the internet

  • Access Control Management per discussions.
  • Legal compliance with activity history recording.
  • Data deletion to clean obsolete clients data.

End-to-end encryption

100% from browsers

Developers Friendly

Open source

Start secure communication

What our expert say

"End-to-end encryption is still not accessible enough for the people that need it the most. At Misakey, we are addressing this problem and it's a great adventure to be a part of."

Cedric Van Rompay,
Cryptography PhD & Security expert at Misakey
More about cryptography at Misakey